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Based in Perth, Western Australia.


Having initially specialized in live music photography since 2011, we have since broadened our reach into other areas including portraiture, promotional, corporate, social, functions and even weddings (see LightSpiritPhotography).

Since 2016 we have been expanding and upgrading to a wide range of professional video and aerial/drone equipment resulting in a shift of focus toward Video Production. Having since produced over 120 Music Videos at a competitive price, "DarKSpiritPhotography" has become a common name among the Perth Music Scene, With some of these videos individually reaching more than 5 million hits on YouTube as well as appearances on national and international television including Eurovision 2023 (with over 160 Million concurrent viewers) our work is rapidly spreading around the globe.

If you would like to join us on this journey please don't hesitate to contact us - or via social media through Facebook and Instagram.

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